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WoodPing is a simple and accessible tool based in Perl that pings a host and sends an email stating that the ping was successful.
Now you can easily find out the connectivity of your network with the help of this handy piece of software.







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The script ping.pl will test each host on a network for connectivity. The program will ping each host on the network until all hosts are pinged at least once. The script outputs a summary of the ping results to the standard output in several different formats. Each host can be tested separately using the -s flag.

When the program is not run on the host the output is sent to /dev/null so it is not sent to the usual output. This is useful in a situation where you do not want to have normal output on the console window.

The program will ask for the host or hosts that are to be pinged via a command line. The IP or hostname for each host can be specified via command line options as well. The script will search the same named configuration file that set_hosts.pl uses. The config file should be located in the same directory as set_hosts.pl. The config file is typically located in the config.d folder.


You can use the script from any directory via the command: perl ping.pl -h host.

The script will output the pinged hosts to standard output. If you do not want to see the pinged hosts you can use the -o flag. If the host is not reachable it will output a message to standard error. The program will exit with status zero if all hosts are reachable, non reachable if the host is not reachable or not enough hosts are specified.

Command Line options:

-h Specify the host or hosts to test. You can use the -h flag with each host.

-o Specify if you want to see the output or not. If this flag is not set the output will be sent to standard error instead of standard output.

-f File of hosts. Defaults to set_hosts. If you want to test all hosts in a file then use the following: perl ping.pl -f hosts. If you want to specify a file that contains a list of hosts then use the -s flag.

-i File containing information about the host. Each host that is not reachable will output an error message. This can be used to detect hosts that are not working.

-r File containing information about the host. Each host that is reachable will output a message informing you that the host is reachable.

-n Flag the program does not output the average

WoodPing For PC

Copyright (c) 2016 8thFloor. All Rights Reserved.

If you used this software for academic purposes then you should cite the following publications.
1. Pakin, D., Jiang, X., & Niu, H. (2016). WoodPing: a Simple and Easy to Use Tool for the End-to-End Computation of Link Availability from LAN to WAN. ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review. ACM, 46(4), 18-24.
2. Baek, S.-H., Yang, H., Pakin, D., & Jiang, X. (2016). WoodPing: Automatically Detecting Network Path Availability for Efficient Data Delivery Over IP Networks. In Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on the Evolution of the Internet and Mobile Computing (IEM 16). ACM, 31-41.
3. Pakin, D., Jiang, X., Yang, H., & Hung, G. (2016). WoodPing: Finding Network Path Availability from LAN to WAN in an Online Framework. In Proceedings of the 2016 ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, 42-51.
WoodPing is very simple to use.
Here are the steps to use it:
1. Install and configure PEAR if you don’t have it already.
2. Download and extract the latest version.
3. Follow the instructions in the documentation on to update the code and the database.
4. Run the command from the command line:
perl woodping.pl -h
You can see all the available commands as well as read the documentation on
In the first release (WoodPing v1.0), the following are the features implemented.
– List all your hosts:
Find out whether the host is up or down.
– Ping a host:
./woodping.pl -p
Ping a host and inform

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1. WoodPing is a perl script designed to check if a host is on the Internet. It uses the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP). With a small bit of code, any host can be pinged.
2. WoodPing requires the following three items:

a. What is the IP address of the host?
b. What is the domain name of the host?
c. What will be the body of the email?
d. What is the username and password for the mail account?
As I said before, WoodPing is very simple, but you can add any scripts to this. In fact, you can add whatever you want…

I have been looking for a tool to ping my site regularly and notify me if it is unreachable for more than 15 minutes.
I have found a Ruby script that does this, however, it is very bloated. I am looking for something simpler, faster, and that the developers themselves can maintain.
I am open to other languages/scripts. I am using PostgreSQL, Apache, Webmin, and Squirrelmail.

…In the HTML with a link to the email program, give it to me. The link should let the program work.
The program should have some kind of ‘Reply’ feature that enters text into the email program, to say something like «Hey, I’m sending this through your affiliate link. Just check it out here for more info: [login to view URL]
The program

We need a script which will ping a number of IP addresses that are connected to the Wifi networks at work.
If it is successful, it should notify us via email.
We have the IP addresses we need to ping. We need someone to write the code in Python to do that

I need a script that will ping network devices periodically and alert us if there is an issue or a potential problem or if a device is down.
The settings need to be saved so we can keep the logs and we can confirm if a device is down or not.
I need the script to ping every device over a network and send an email alert if there is

…you will have to provide a list of available servers on the server hosting the files.
The script will ping the IP address of the server, and then check to see if the file is online, and if it is, it will log it.
I need to ping a LOT of servers. Please only apply if you have

What’s New In WoodPing?

WoodPing is a free and simple piece of Perl code that pings a host and sends an email to the admin of the host. The code is very easy to use but still has a lot of functionality.
It was written for Linux but is also compatible with Microsoft Windows platforms. Also, other web servers such as Apache Tomcat or Linux/Windows SMTP servers such as SquirrelMail or Cyrus can be used.
WoodPing is not dependent on any particular HTTP server.
It is not dependent on Cyrus, Postfix, SendMail, Exim or other mail server daemons. It works with a personal.plan file and a personal list of servers.
For instance, you could use it to check connectivity for your web server but if you wanted you could use it to check connectivity to www.example.com and mail.example.com.
If you are a sysadmin you can easily use it to find connectivity of your network with a multitude of hosts.
The script will automatically record the ping and the host’s IP, hostname, user that initiated the connection and the time and date. The output is sent to a.plan file that can be checked at a later time.
WoodPing Download Link:

If you have the hMailServer software installed you can use this to easily give your servers a «wood – ping!»
hMailServer is a free, powerful and easy to use SMTP, WebMail and more server software.
WoodPing description:
The code is a simple and easy to use script that is capable of pinging any chosen host. You will need to enter the host IP, hostname, user that initiated the ping, the ping time and the e-mail address.
The host will be pinged and an e-mail message will be sent. Upon successful completion you will receive an email. The script will automatically record the ping and the host’s IP, hostname, user that initiated the connection and the time and date. The output is sent to a.plan file that can be checked at a later time.
WoodPing Download Link:

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Complete version of this software which can be used on WindowsXP/7/8/8.1/10. In addition, it also supports Apple, Linux, Android,

System Requirements For WoodPing:

Windows XP
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (the latest version of Mac OS X)
Any browsers that support Silverlight
A Microsoft Points, Games with Gold, or Gold Account
Internet connection is needed
Set Stage:
One player acts as the stage, with the other players playing as enemies. The stage controller is located on the left-hand side of the screen.
The stage player tries to avoid the enemies and get through the level as quickly as possible.
Enemies are represented by circles.


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