Windows Media Player Plus! 6.0.2 [Win/Mac] 2022

Designed for Windows Media Player, Windows Media Player Plus! is a plugin that enhances the user experience by offering a few extra features, such as a tag editor. It can be seamlessly set up, even by less skilled users.
After a brief installation procedure, you can access the Settings window of the app, in order to configure some options. For instance, you can enable a real-time search mode, disable group headers in the Library pane and add disc-number support to the media library.
In addition, you can change the media format displayed in the title bar (Advanced Tile Formatting or ATF), integrate the tag editor into the context menu, as well as make the app restore the last active playlist at startup and all plug-ins after a crash.
"Party Shuffle" is a feature that involves a dynamic playlist which automatically gets random songs based on a user-defined location. As the name implies, this option comes in handy at parties when you don't have enough time at your disposal to play the DJ. Last but not least, you can send information on the currently playing song to Windows Live Messenger and edit the ATF.
The plugin does not put a strain on the computer's overall performance, as it uses a very low quantity of CPU and system memory. It worked smoothly throughout our evaluation, without causing the operating system to hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. To sum it up, Windows Media Player Plus! supplies users with an extra set of features to improve Windows Media Player.







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– Plug-in for Windows Media Player
– Designed for Windows Media Player
– Extensions and fixes for Windows Media Player
– Add, edit, and delete tags from any file
– Import and export playlist and other media files
– Auto-create playlists
– Play songs, videos, and pictures according to a user-defined pattern
– Extract tracks from a file
– Create file lists and playlists from media sources
– Adjust the width of columns in the library and playlist
– Groups and headers
– Tagging of files
– Import all songs in a folder as playlists
– Easily create and play audio CD collections
– Import and export search databases
– Automatic CD ripping
– Browse the Windows Media player library
– Gallery functionality
– User Interface redesign
– Enhanced ATF
– View album art on the Windows Media Player screen
– Support for the display of media themes
– Support for the Windows Media Player «filter by artist» option
– Support for the Windows Media Player «filter by album» option
– Added support for the Windows Media Player «filter by genre» option
– Improved song selection from the Windows Media Player «Genre» list
– Improved search functionality in the Windows Media Player
– Improved trim behavior
– Improved safety checks
– Improved stability
How to install:
1. When you download «Windows Media Player Plus!», you will find a trial installer for the plugin.
2. Click the installer to start the installation.
2. When the installation is complete, you will find a shortcut on your desktop.
3. To use the plugin, you need to unpack the contents of the package folder. After that, you can double-click the shortcut to run the plugin.
The plugin can be used in any version of Windows Media Player.
3. Developer’s comments:
Windows Media Player Plus! is an easy-to-use, user-friendly plugin. If you are looking for a simple, well-designed plugin, that enhances the user experience of Windows Media Player, then give this one a try.
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– Various enhancements, even more than the regular one.
– It’s easy to configure.
– You can define the first disc that appears in the media library.
– It remembers the last used playlist.
– You can enable real-time searches.
– You can set up a real-time tag editor.
– Supports CDDB
– Supports ATF (Real-Time Tile Formatting).
– You can set the format for the title bar (slider bar).
– You can change the media formats that are shown in the file browser.
– You can send information on the currently playing song to Windows Live Messenger.
– You can add a person to contact list when the app starts.
– You can edit the tags of an audio file.
– You can change the key for the ZIP file.
– You can play and pause streaming media.
– You can directly open the Disc Info panel.
– You can import Microsoft Office Documents.
– Add DVD menu support.
– Add DVD menu support.
– Audio Formats: WinAmp Audio (*.au *.WAV *.WMA), MP3.
– Video Formats: WinAmp Video (*.avi *.MP4), QuickTime (*.mov *.MOV), MPEG (*.MPEG), Windows Media Video (*.WMV), VLC (*.mp3), Windows Media Video (*.avi), RealMedia (*.rm), Xvid (*.xvid).
– You can share files using Bluetooth.
– You can export files to other applications.
– You can play *.MP4 video files.
– You can play and edit AVI files.
– You can add a person to the contact list.
– You can send the current song to Windows Live Messenger.
– You can find the audio format on a CD.
– You can edit the ATF when the player starts.
– You can clear the screen (full-screen).
– You can restore the last played list.
– You can view the file status.
– You can add a folder to the context menu.
– You can add a disc to the media library.
– You can check the audio format and automatically change it to MP3.
– You can edit the tags of an audio file.
– You can copy, move, rename, delete or play audio files.
– You can copy, move, rename, delete or play audio files.


Windows Media Player Plus! 6.0.2 Crack

– Support for custom icon themes!- A real-time search mode!- A tag editor in the context menu!- Group headers in the Media library!- The option to define your own location for the «Party Shuffle»!- Support for the advanced tile format (ATF)!- The ability to send information on the currently playing song to Windows Live Messenger!- The option to define the images used in the status bar!- The option to disable the Windows Media Player Shell!- The ability to add disc-number support to the media library!- The option to restore the last active playlist at startup and all plug-ins after a crash!- Various improvements to Media library!- Improved support for UPnP servers!- Improved handling of playlists with external content- Retaining playlist information between sessions!- Cleanup and internal improvements!- Small size!- Improved performance!- Better UI!

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What’s New In Windows Media Player Plus!?

DJ Viewer can solve a wide variety of music problems. It offers a lot of new features and works really well with your Windows system. It’s just as easy to use as your media player — just click the mouse. What’s more, with DJ Viewer you can modify the files to make them do what you want. You can do amazing things like load a song into a slide show, or create new, modified tracks using song IDs from, and even play them in WinAmp. It works with Winamp 2 and up, and with Windows Media Player. It’s very easy to use, and you can even play and edit your music while it’s being downloaded.

This advanced MP3 music player has everything you could want: playlists, ratings, songs, album art, band, artists, albums, genres, images, videos, charts, music search, lyrics, scrobbling, customizable filters, and much, much more.

VLC Player can play most multimedia files as well as many other formats, from MP3 to DVDs to.wmv to Matroska and much more. VLC Player can record any window and stream real-time video to the web. It supports the most common controls for power management and can be controlled through VLCscript.

TrackBack is a built-in media player for Windows ME/98/2000/XP. TrackBack is the successor of DreamPlayer, the standard media player of the Linux Mandrake operating system. TrackBack is not an application but can be used in an existing player like Windows Media Player, Winamp or RealPlayer.
TrackBack supports embedded videos, images, Flash, FLV, AVI, MPEG and many more. It supports all the modern browsers and does not require Flash installed.

Yahoo! Music Manager is a music player and media manager for Windows. It is the successor to Yahoo! Music Manager, which Yahoo! discontinued in 2000. Yahoo! Music Manager now has several features that were not in its predecessor. Yahoo! Music Manager, once installed, is accessible through the My Yahoo! menu. It’s also available as a stand-alone application and as a plug-in for Windows Media Player and other media-playing applications. Yahoo! Music Manager uses the same API of WinAmp, it can support MP3 audio formats through WinAmp decoder.

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System Requirements For Windows Media Player Plus!:

Note: Region-free with some known exceptions
Note: You can change your account settings to auto-upload in the settings page.
Note: For Windows: Users are recommended to use Windows 7 (32-bit) and above.
Note: For Mac: You should use an OS of 10.9 or above. (e.g. macOS 10.11)
Note: For Linux: You should use an OS of Ubuntu 12.04 or above.
Notice: The Windows version of Raiden will currently not support AMD graphics cards with certain

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