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Thani Oruvan Full Movie With English Subtitles Download 35


Short film in Tamil – Ivan Nallavan – With English subtitles. Average score 3.0.
All films from the festival tour will be available at
If you are ready and would like to visit this event, but you have only two days at your disposal, you can do it without the help of travel agencies (for free). To do this, you need to come and become a spectator who will be interested in this film program. There are three categories in the film competition: Drama, Comedy and Thriller. The names of the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony. For more information, please contact the International Annual Awards Committee.
About the Competition: The Short Film Tournament is one of the most prestigious events in the world of cinema. Wins top honors in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia. This year they were nominated for an Oscar as a foreign film and as a foreign cartoon. Prize «Congress Film Festivals» for a film in the genre of drama/comedy. Criteria for the selection of winners: credibility, provocation, vitality, emotionality, conflict, the presence of humor, entertainment.

About the Festival – Its organizers and sponsors, including the Non-Commercial Association of Film and Television Producers, do their best so that as many people as possible can personally get acquainted with the works and learn more about such events. It is especially important to have high-quality video equipment and computer systems so that people can see films on the big screen.
Various forms are envisaged, ranging from a visit to the cinema on voting day to direct assistance – as part of the leisure of the audience.
The festival includes: a cafe, a lobby, an exhibition of graphics and contemporary art, an outdoor cinema, buffets, a library, a video salon and much more.
Non-profit organizations that take part in the festival: International Society of Film and Series, TIFF International Film Festivals, Anti-War Committee, US Department of State.
The organizers of the festival are aware of and support the financial aspects of the film, including:
Tips and tips for drinks
Special Events
Official and specialized literature
To help waiting guests: queues
Schedule that is constantly updated: daily
Festival: today



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