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Java is one of the most popular programming languages among developers nowadays, considered by many to be the ideal language for beginners, due to its versatility and support for multiple platforms.
Whether you are an experienced developer or wish to learn the basics, Silver-J may prove to be the application you need. It is a relatively simple Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enables you to create and compile programs, as well as build executable JAR files, while offering support for code completion and syntax highlighting.
Lightweight IDE for Java suitable for experts and novices alike
Silver-J offers a decent set of development tools, and it enables you to insert classes, packages and events without typing code, thus saving valuable time.
Additionally, the application offers syntax highlighting for all the languages used in your projects, making it a lot easier to keep your work organized and locate various lines of code.
Moreover, the program offers suggestions when you begin writing certain syntax elements, enabling you to insert them from a convenient drop-down list.
Somewhat outdated interface that can be customized to a great extent
While Silver-J may not impress you with its looks, the application allows you personalize pretty much every aspect of the user interface. The various panels can be resized or disabled altogether, and you can even remove the toolbar and status bar.
Furthermore, several color themes are available, and it is especially pleasing to see that a darker variation is also included.
Novice-friendly Java IDE that comes with extensive documentation
Given that Java is one of the first, if not the first programming language many beginners attempt to learn, the detailed user manual provided by this application should certainly be helpful.
To sum up, Silver-J is a reliable Java IDE that can be used to create applications and applet projects, compile and run programs, build JAR executables and more. It provides syntax highlighting and code completion, features a customizable interface and includes comprehensive documentation.


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Silver-J [32|64bit] [April-2022]

+ Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android
+ Provides syntax highlighting for most languages
+ Includes code completion, navigation and refactoring
+ Support for JAR files
+ Compiles a single file at a time
+ Automatically executes programs
+ Executable JAR files and a ZIP package can be created
+ A help file is provided, which contains a comprehensive manual
+ Code templates, snippets, snippets with parameters, language syntax diagrams, class diagrams and more
Supported projects:
+ Java
+ Java EE
+ JavaFX

Set Breakpoints, run tests, test different values, generate results or query XML-based data sources in this Rich Client application. It integrates with your favorite IDE.

SmoothScope Pro Edition with Activation Code

SmoothScope Pro Edition with Activation Code Description

SmoothScope Pro Edition includes SmoothScope Pro version 1.18.0, a powerful suite of tools that supports you when creating distributed client-server applications.
SmoothScope Pro Edition supports many languages and runtime environments. With the help of the incredibly easy to learn XML-based database language, you can quickly deploy your application as a Rich Client application on the Web.
The brand-new Visio-like diagram and data view presentation mode helps you analyze and modify your application in a fast and visual way.
SmoothScope Pro, the most powerful suite of tools to date, also includes the state of the art Real-time Debugger that virtually eliminates the need to install debugging tools to your local machine.
This paid version includes all the tools mentioned above plus support for 24 languages, including HTML, JavaScript, SOAP, JScript, Java, VBScript, VB, Visual Basic, Action Script, Pascal, C, C++, C#, Delphi, Cobol, FoxPro, Access, ADO and many more.

Data Order Explorer

Data Order Explorer Description

Data Order Explorer

This Rich Client application is easy to use and easily installs in your favorite IDE.
With Data Order Explorer you can access data from any JDBC-compliant database and order it according to a variety of criteria.
You can use hierarchical and multi-dimensional queries, as well as join and union statements.
Furthermore, it is possible to view and compare data sources side-by-side and generate reports.
If you are looking for an integrated solution to your data management problems Data Order Explorer can

Silver-J Crack

With Silver-J For Windows 10 Crack, you can start programming immediately:
* Create and compile programs and applets
* Create projects and packages
* Indent, align and format code
* Autocomplete code and navigate to declarations
* Solve your code problems automatically
* Build JAR files
* Extend existing features and functionality
Silver-J Full Crack is an Integrated Development Environment that supports Java 1.5 and higher. It is a cross-platform IDE that can be used from an ordinary window or a form in your application.
Silver-J can be integrated in a simple and handy form in a Windows application or a form in a Windows application or a form in your application.
Silver-J is an IDE that supports multiple programming languages and platforms, including Java, C, C++ and Python.
Silver-J supports multiple languages and platforms, including Java, C, C++ and Python.

Hex Editor

Hex Editor is a simple editor that allows you to view, edit, and test hexadecimal (Hex) data in a variety of formats: as text, in binary (aka hex dump format), or as a computer-readable stream of data. Hex Editor is great when you need to view and edit binary data, such as I/O files.

Hex Editor Key Features

Hex Editor is a command line binary editor for viewing, editing, and testing binary data in a variety of formats. Each file is a one-pass editable content without requiring a read/write loop that works under all OS.

The program supports file formats: binary (hex dump), ascii (hex dump), and binary csv. It supports both files and streams, supports wildcards, and does not depend on more complex binary libraries such as libc. It supports OS features such as memory maps, permits whole file views, and is multi-threaded (notably it works under Windows).

You can edit directly from the command line with various editing commands such as ‘j’, ‘x’, ‘i’, ‘w’,’s’, ‘t’, ‘n’, ‘z’, ‘h’, and ‘e’.

You can view and navigate around binary files easily using hex editor. It uses one pass and is ready to edit files after one pass.

Fields can be marked, highlighted, copied and pasted. Fonts can be customized and binary files can be saved with hex editor. Its GUI is very simple, showing columns and


Silver-J is a professional Java IDE. It can compile and run Java, C, C++, C# and other Java-based languages. It can be used to develop desktop, server, web and mobile applications. It is lightweight and offers an easy-to-navigate user interface.
This software includes multi-lingual user documentation, help and samples, so you can find what you’re looking for easily.
Silver-J Downloads:

Download Silver-J.dmg (Mac)

Download Silver-J.pkg (OS X)

Download Silver-J.deb (Debian Linux)

Download Silver-J.t deb (Trisquel Linux)

Download Silver-J.dmg (FreeBSD)


Main Features:
Silver-J Features:
– Multi-lingual user documentation, help and samples
– Fully customizable user interface
– Easy-to-navigate user interface
– Code completion and syntax highlighting
– Rich code editor with console, breakpoints and history
– Data editor for images and video
– Integrated debugger
– Loadable themes
– Allows users to jump to definitions in a Java editor, including Applet and C++ code
– Package index to create JAR archives easily
– Build into executable for Windows and Mac systems
– Access to various aspects of the system (like directories and files)
– Run application on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Symbian and Windows phones.
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Software Requirements:
Silver-J OS requirements:
Silver-J Requires:
– Java 1.7 or later
– Mac OS X 10.6 or later
– Xcode 4.4 or later
Silver-J Tools requirements:
Silver-J Tools Requirements:
– Eclipse 3.6 or later
– Eclipse

What’s New In?

Lightweight Integrated Development Environment for Java
Part of the official JDT team
Supports all Java languages (with an exception for C++ and C#)
Comes in two flavors: the standard version (for regular development) and the JDT version (for Java Development Tools development)
Works well on all JVMs that support Java 1.3 or later
Able to detect errors during the build
Uncompressed ZIP size of 41.49 MB

In this Ebook you will learn all About Java Online Course:

What is Java?
Get some historical information of the Java technology.
Basic syntax of Java – A quick introduction to Java syntax and Java concepts
What is an Object and use of Object in Java?
Java has a foundation and it can contain classes, objects, methods and many more.
Use of instanceof
What is Java class and object?
Object and Class are concepts in Java programming language.
To access objects in class we use object name.
Why we should include static method in Class in Java?
What is static method in Java?
What is default method and how it is used?
How to use static method in Java?
There are two ways of access static method in java and internally static method is always called before normal method.
When to use public, protected, private construct in Java?
How to use it, example and explanation.
Static variables are created in java.
What is variable and why we should use variable in Java?
How to use integer and float variables?
What is operator in Java and it’s use?
Binary operators in Java example and explanation.
What is I/O in Java?
How to use I/O in Java?
Logical operators in java use for comparison.
What is loop in Java?
loop is the basic concept of the programming language.
Java has loop control.
How to use loop to solve a problem?
Loop control to do work in Java.
What is switch statement in Java?
switch statements in Java are very powerful statement.
How to use switch statement in Java?
Looping controls in Java program.
What is for statement in Java?
The for statement in Java is very power control over Java.
How to use for statement in Java?
How to use like statement in Java?
What is IF-statement in Java?
Use of if statement in Java.
What is IF-statement

System Requirements:


OS: Windows® XP SP2 or Vista™
CPU: 2.8 GHz
Hard Disk: 300 MB
VGA: 256 MB
DirectX® 9.0c

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