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A Sharepoint Timer Job which will provide a Scheduler for People to Schedule Jobs to run, from within the RootWeb of a Sharepoint Site.
Allows People to run the Jobs that they want, when they want them to be run.
Allows People to Delay Jobs.
Allows Jobs to be Disabled/Enabled.
Allows Jobs to be Scheduled for a Day or an Hour.

The Sharepoint Timer Scheduler will give you a way of running your Timer Job from a list in the Root Web of your Sharepoint site. Excellent way of giving Site Administrators access to Timer Jobs so they can be run immediately or rescheduled. No need to code custom SPJobDefinition classes
Ever since I’ve been working with Sharepoint I have coded Sharepoint Timer Jobs to run those tasks you want scheduled every day (or even every hour). Sharepoint is certainly a platform that lends itself to scheduling of batch process, with all the publishing of data there are going to be times when you want to schedule code to run at regular intervals.
So what are our options.. Well currently your only real option is to code a Sharepoint Timer Job solution which inherits SPJobDefinition and then code a SPFeatureReceiver which installs a Timer Job and points it at your newly created SPJobDefinition code.
This is all well and good but the real fun and games start when you want to change when the Job runs or how often it runs. What if you change you mind several times? (Well it has been known to happen). This is where SPTimerJobs really fail to live up to expectation.
So I decided to code a easily installable solution where Jobs can be Scheduled from a Sharepoint List which sits in the RootWeb of the Sharepoint Site. Now we can change the Days and Hours the Job runs not to mention we can also start the job automatically. We can aslo Disable the job easily too.
Sharepoint Timer Scheduler Requirements:
.NET Framework 4.0
Sharepoint 2010

THE SHAREPOINT TIMER SCHEDULER – “Your Sharepoint Timer Job Scheduler”
How to get your Sharepoint Timer Job Scheduler
Download the Sharepoint Timer Scheduler Demo and unzip the zip file.
Run the “Install.bat” file located in the folder where you unzipped the files.
Log in with a Administrator account or click the �

Sharepoint Timer Scheduler [Mac/Win] 2022

The Sharepoint Timer Scheduler is an extension to Sharepoint Timer Jobs which provides you the ability to schedule your Job via a list in the root web of your site.
Also included in this release is a TimerJobDelegate class which allows the Scheduler to run the Job automatically if its not running, it also allows you to run the Job manually.
With the Sharepoint Timer Scheduler you can schedule Jobs to run at any time, you can also change the duration the Job runs for.
The Sharepoint Timer Scheduler makes it easy for Site Administrators to control and invoke Jobs, also in this release is a new Bootstrap class which makes it simple to integrate the Scheduler into your own custom SP Timer Job Solutions.
Key features:
* Schedules job to run at a given time or at a custom interval.
* Be able to specify where the job is to run from.
* Be able to set the job to run once and then automatically restart.
* Configuration page to specify when the job is to run and how often.
* Be able to control if the Job runs in the background or foreground.
* Allows you to set the job to be disabled.
* Allows you to set the job to be automatically enabled when the site is published.
* Allows you to specify the state the job should be left in after the job finishes.
* Allows you to select the web where the job is to run.
* Allows you to select the list where the job is to run.
* Allows you to specify a new JobDefinition (optional).
* Timer Job Delegate.
* Bootstrap integration.
* Easy installation.
* Runs from the root Web.
* Can schedule to run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
* Allows you to be notified if the job does not run.
* Allows you to disable the Job.
* Allows you to be notified if the job is not enabled.
* Allows you to schedule manual jobs (client only, not installed into the root web).
* Once job runs can be manually stopped and restarted by clicking the setting cog.
* Option to create a list of jobs with set date ranges.
* Option to create a list of jobs with a set of start times and a set of end times.
* Option to create a list of jobs to run on any given day

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An interesting product. So far

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This Sharepoint Toolbox solution installs and configures the Sharepoint Timer Scheduler. This adds a list to the default SP Root Web that allows Site Administrators to schedule Timer Jobs for all user profiles. Currently active Task Schedulers are displayed.
The timerjobs sit alongside any other job definitions you may have and can be disabled or enabled.
It adds a feature receiver to make sure the JobDefinition is registered in the RootWeb of the site.
This adds a timer job with parameters that indicate the Job Description or Job parameters. A single timer job can be set to run multiple times or in very specific intervals.
A new timer job and feature receiver were written. It connects to the RootWeb and get’s the list of scheduled Job definitions.
A timer job is created with parameters for what day and hour you want the job to run. It is disabled by default.
It will check for schedulers on the page and in addition any new users will automatically be given the Timer Scheduler.
Let’s start with the Site Features.
The Add-in consists of one Feature and two EventReceivers.
The Feature defines the timer jobs (by convention)
Feature: Sharepoint Timer Jobs
The event receivers are triggerred by event ID’s
EventReceiver _SPEventReceiver1 (ID 1)
EventReceiver _SPEventReceiver2 (ID 2)
To help identify the features, there is a «COMPONENT» attribute and a Guid that will be generated for the Feature and EventReceiver.

What’s New in the Sharepoint Timer Scheduler?

Sharepoint Timer Scheduler does exactly as described above. Lets you Setup and manage a list of Jobs that can be run at any time you wish. Jobs can be scheduled to run the moment that they are added to the list or any time later. (Start time can be any time you wish). Jobs can be disabled, started and timed to run once every [x] Day. Starting is triggered by the User whose login is used to run the Timer.
Compatible with SharePoint 2010 and 2013, Windows 8 and 7. May have issues with some Features, but it will most likely work. Not fully tested, so use at your own risk.
This is purely made for what I need and my own use. I use this myself for daily Timer Jobs at work.
Sharepoint Job class
1) Global.asax
2) Global.asax.cs
3) Project.csproj
4) feature.feature
5) Project.cs
6) Setup.login.js
Sharepoint Timer Scheduler V2
7) Global.asax
8) Global.asax.cs
9) Project.csproj
10) feature.feature
11) Project.cs
12) Setup.login.js
Just a general idea of how we implement Job Scheduling in SP Timer Scheduler
I have not tested this code in production but will do so as soon as I have the time.

In SharePoint, a timer job can run only once, in a given period. This is one of the limitations of a timer job in SharePoint. This article describes how to overcome this limitation and run a timer job repeatedly at scheduled intervals.

SharePoint Timer Scheduler has been used for building a SharePoint Timer Job that runs on a daily basis that updates Sales Order item. Although the code is simple, it can be useful for you in the future.

SharePoint Timer Scheduler has been used for building a SharePoint Timer Job that runs on a daily basis that updates Sales Order item. Although the code is simple, it can be useful for you in the future.

published:29 Dec 2013


In this video we will talk about the SharePoint Timer Scheduler. In this video we will cover:
What is the SharePoint Timer Scheduler
Difference between the Timer service and the Timer Scheduler service

System Requirements For Sharepoint Timer Scheduler:

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