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With this game tileset, you can create a cemetery or a graveyard. It is suitable for both role playing games and board games (like dixit or board game) and with the help of the Cemetery Modular Map-Tiles set (see below), you can create a cemetery and a mausoleum as well.

1) Plan your Cemetery/Graveyard:

You can plan your cemetery or graveyard by placing the tiles on top of one another in the way you want them to be placed in the cemetery, mausoleum or grave, taking the building sets into account. A grave, which is a deep hole surrounded by a fence, doesn’t have any building part, except the fence.

Planning a cemetery/graveyard you will need the Cemetery Modular Map-Tiles and 3d Models with this set. It is best to put the cemetery in the second floor of your house or in a suitable place. Therefore, the first floor is, for example, a main building for the cemetery. If the action is played on the first floor, then it is important to make sure that, before the encounter, or if that is not possible, before the plans of a group of people, you can escape to the cellar and find a safe exit to the cemetery or the graveyard from there.

2) Cement Mixing:

It is preferable to use cement in a thickness of 3 or more tiles at one place. Especially if the room in which the cemetery/graveyard is located has stone walls, it would be best to place the cement 3 or 4 tiles apart.

It is very important to get rid of the buildings that are located in the protected zone of the cemetery or graveyard. Otherwise, the buildings might be destroyed in your adventure even if they haven’t been part of your plan. Besides, your character might be killed by the tiles falling down.

Allowing only a wide enough gate or entrance is also very important. These two actions make it possible to keep the adventure at a safe distance, so that it is possible to use cemeteries or graveyards in different adventures.

3) House Construction:

As soon as you put the Cement mixture on the ground, it is possible to build a house at the first floor level. It doesn’t matter which side the house is built from, front, back or side. The floor of the house has to be at least 5 tiles wide.


Features Key:

  • Puzzle Game
  • Easy to Learn


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«Summer:Message on the Paper Plane» is a Healing Visual Novel Series: four independent short stories around the same theme.
«Summer:Message on the Paper Plane» is a story of a young girl named «Ruth,» who is asked to deliver a «commentary» as a gift for her father.
But her father doesn’t even respond to his daughter’s message.
She decides to visit him herself.
A letter floated toward a girl with flowers on it.
«Someone wants to see me in a temple?»
The girl who called herself «Yuka» had a happy expression when she heard the question from the younger girl.
The girl in a white dress, who said,
«That’s a promise, right?» greeted the two of them.
They stepped into the temple.
The girl in a white dress first took them to the «Room of Ten Thousand Mirrors,» a room where the past, present, and future are reflected.
She took Ruth to the left side of this room.
Ruth and Yuka stood opposite each other.
Yuka looked at the girl in the mirror and greeted her,
«Just like it is now, huh?»
From behind them, the sound of «paper planes» could be heard.
«Did you send one?»
«To your dad, did you send one?»
«To your mom, did you send one?»
«Oh, it’s me!»
«No, it’s me, it’s me!»
«I’m flying! I’m flying!»
It was a little girl who called herself «Yuki» who came running into the room.
«I sent it on time and they didn’t come. I’m sorry!»
«I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!»
«I’m sorry.»
«I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!»
When Yuki apologized, her face was filled with a great worry.
Because the little girl didn’t know that it was her who sent the paper plane.
«You’re with the Tomari girls, right?»
The girl in the white dress greeted the older girl politely,
«You’re with the Tomari girls, right?»
Yuki nodded. She realized that she had been mistaken to think that it was her who sent the message.
«I’m sorry!»
«I’m sorry!»
«I’m sorry, I’m


SHADOWS IN THE DARK Crack + With Key Download

Shootin’ robots with your trusty laser gun.
You gotta hit ‘em!
Veneron: Collect enough trophies and you will be the next trophy on the wall.
K3-DDP: If this bot is mad, you are gonna be terminated.
Mugsoy: Once it’s on, it’s on!
Zafarb: I’m just here for the parts.
This content requires the base game Robot Factory to play.

About This Content


Robots Veneron, K3-DDP, Mugsoy and Zafarb are all multiplayer playable after their release.

Full of local, online and friends multiplayer action.

Play local, online and campaign modes, which will be accessible in multiplayer without adding another game to your download history.

Robot Factory

Game Tags

Game Description

This is a collection of content with four new robots each with their own unique traits.
Tombstone Veneron:
You will be the next trophy on the wall.
Angry that you won’t let it sleep.
Boss bot with an agenda.
Repair-bot with a smile.
Not that you’d know.

We are expanding the Robot Factory with several new robots that will be available for the full version.

If you enjoyed the Robot Factory, check out the Robot Factory: Bunker Wars where three robots are in constant battle across a variety of challenges in a variety of locations.

Robot Factory will be coming to iPad and iPhone very soon.

Robot Factory was made for the iPhone using the TouchAtlas HTML5/CSS3 framework and the Rotating-HTML5 HTML5 web player by NikoTech.

Game Description

The robot industry is booming and new inventions are being created at a frenetic pace. It takes a special person to work in the field of robotics. Those who can overcome the challenges of balancing profit, profit and more profit would fit in the mind of Napoleon Dynamite.

Robot Factory is a full-featured construction and manufacturing game that puts you into the role of a future factory owner. You must design and build the perfect robot factory in which to construct your creations.

Equip your robot factory with up to three robots (each with their own specialized skills) and use them to solve deadly


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