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[Madhusri Datta; Seema Biswas; Harish Khanna; Sabitri Haysnam; Ishayaraja. – Approx. ed.] and other Tahiri-sultans. [162 – Tahir-sultan is the nickname of the famous ruler in India, to whom, after the death of his father, Abdulla Khan, the power of his state passed] When he stood in the church, tears welled up in his eyes him, and his heart bled. For his thought about the one, because of which he survived all the troubles and hardships, multiplied, multiplied and thickened with every minute.
And turning to the priest, he said to him:
“Lord of the universe, send down to me so that I achieve what I want and so that later, when I get tired on the way and descend to me, by your great mercy, death, I would not regret anything and would not be punished for having acted recklessly, when in the darkness of my gloomy thoughts I collected riches that would be enough to found a small state.
And when he said this, the people gathered around him, wherever they came from, exclaimed in chorus:
– Hosanna! (Greetings and wishes in beautiful Arabic.)
After the thanksgiving service had been served, one of those present addressed Padre de La Pagerie, saying:
“The humble priest who has just here given praise to a god who has done such a great deed, can he tell us how he intends to regain what he has taken? And does the padre want to receive a reward for the work that he will do, so that his descendants, in turn, have the opportunity to give him burial.
Padre de La Pagerio looked at him with some bewilderment and answered him:
– Does the one who gave away his treasures know whether he will return back?
163. What happened to the padre was created by him, by the will of the Almighty, whom no one but him and his descendants can stop.
When, from where the messengers came from, they returned to where the padre was waiting for them and in his hands was the one who, no doubt, more than anyone else in the world, deserved to be admired by people and f



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