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Chapter 5
Vision through the exit
The results of the visualization work we have been working on have become a visual representation of how we plan, draw, design and implement our project. Now I finally don’t have to be in two different places at the same time. I want to transfer my tasks and goals to the developer.
The lecture titled «Vision 2020: Concentrating on the ‘inner world'», organized at the St.Pauls Hotel club, was a joint project with Keshet Architects. You can read more about it on the DSLT 2015 website.
In this lecture, we explore the role of the «outside world» as paramount in designing the architecture of the future. Architects must give a clear and understandable view of the inner world and implement projects in an interconnected environment so that they correspond to the tasks that users solve. Architecture is not only the construction of buildings; it must also provide a link between past, present and future, creating an inner space in which we can do our work.
How do we envision the future? In the past, presentation has taken the approach of first publishing road maps, then plans for urban infrastructure, then redevelopment or planning for residential areas, and finally landscape design. But things will be different in the future. The architect must represent and visualize the entire «internal world». What does it consist of?
As an architectural designer, I usually design the following projects: public buildings, residential buildings and office buildings. As we delve deeper into the work, I notice that at present our work is not aimed at creating a new building, but at creating a new functional environment that will affect the surrounding landscape. We must consider everything from our cutting-edge architecture and environment to the changes users will make. This can be very interesting work, but it often turns out that the implementation of the project «from the point of view of users» is only 20% of the work. In doing so, we do not take into account factors such as spatial compatibility and livability. Such factors that need to be understood to create a project should be visible and understandable to all team members so that in case of unforeseen situations, they can start designing even before they decide



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