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There is Internet almost everywhere nowadays, but there are still isolated spots which might put some connections to the test. However, if you happen to have a solid connection on your own device and want to share it, My WiFi Hotspot comes with a simple solution, by allowing you to create a WiFi hotspot in a couple of seconds.
Have the program deployed on a thumb drive
Although the program is wrapped in a setup package, it’s possible to have it deployed on a USB flash drive because it doesn’t make changes to registry entries in order to enable functionality. As such, the target PC is kept clean, without any leftovers or unnecessary written files.
As far as the visual design is concerned, the application doesn’t want to make you feel overwhelmed and manages to accomplish this. Features are stored in a single window, with a generous space for the log of events, and an intuitive panel to provide the necessary details to set up the new WiFi hotspot.
Show passwords and save settings
As such, all you need to do is to provide security details of the hotspot you want to create. On the bright side of things, this only means the new connection name and the associated password. Once these details are punched in you can start the connection which almost instantly becomes active.
You don’t have to keep the main window up, case in which it can be cleverly sent to the tray area. You can bring it up if you want to stop or restart the connection. There are also some additional options, such as saving the settings and showing the password on input.
A few last words
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that My WiFi Hotspot is a pretty straightforward application which does exactly what the name states. It’s easy to configure by individuals of all levels of experience, and is worth your while overall.


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Here at, we’ve compiled a list of all the best open source applications. From simple utility tools to great collaboration tools, there are plenty of opportunities to have these applications running on your computer.

1. Abiword

Abiword is a open source word processor based on GTK+. This word processor is very versatile, being used in various situations. It features a simple user interface and a clean and intuitive document structure. Abiword can also be used as a personal information management application. The document is an ideal storage of daily activities and events. Moreover, Abiword features basic document structuring capabilities, allowing users to classify documents easily.

2. Alltray

Alltray is an open source tray applet that allows you to move your applications to the tray area. With the extension, you can easily and conveniently have alltray take screenshots of your desktop and optionally pause (or stop) a process by pressing the F-key. You can switch between different tasks by switching to another workspaces through the hotkeys.

3. Ark

Ark is an archiving software for the GNOME desktop. Ark supports various archiving formats and features the ability to retain the application’s settings in case of a system crash. The user interface is minimalistic in style and can be used for various situations. Ark allows users to integrate a wide range of applications into the program, such as web browsers.

4. Aptitude

Aptitude is a package-management program that supports the search of packages and show file and directory contents. It contains a big database of packages. You can search packages based on their category and description. There is also a powerful graphical tool for creating packages and packages description. Aptitude can be used as a front-end to the software-center, which allows users to have a single point of entry into the application.

5. Bazaar

Bazaar is a tool for collaboration, sharing, and storing pieces of code. It offers several possibilities to organize code with the aid of the various components that can be edited and then dragged to each other to form a module. With Bazaar, the generated modules can be merged and compiled to create a new module. The system includes many file types, including DAGs, hook scripts, bzr branches, tags, and workflow scripts.

6. Beagle

Beagle is a search tool that

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This software can broadcast your Wi-Fi network and let you share it with others to create a public hotspot.

Editors’ Review

My WiFi Hotspot Crack Mac is a small freeware application that was made to cater to specific needs of users and very generous with the features that come along with the software.

Make an Internet Wi-Fi Hotspot in a couple of seconds

If you are tired of paying the monthly charge for a broadband connection and you want to create a free Wi-Fi hotspot so that you can give Internet access to people nearby, My WiFi Hotspot Full Crack has your back. Install the software and you will be able to create a wireless network with an easy and fast way.

In addition to making a free Wi-Fi hotspot, the program does many more things, among which you will find a very comfortable and useful interface to configure the settings and start the Wi-Fi network.

The program

The program is distributed in a setup package and consists of a single window with a concise explanatory panel that provides the necessary details to make a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Create a public Wi-Fi network

My WiFi Hotspot Download With Full Crack is very generous with the instructions and does not make you feel overwhelmed with the main window, which contains all the settings and features. You can customize all the settings, and choose the wifi network name and the password in a couple of seconds.Armenian commemorative stamps

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My WiFi Hotspot Crack + [Mac/Win]

> My WiFi Hotspot is a simple application which allows you to create a Wifi hotspot in a matter of seconds.
> It features an intuitive interface, offers a generous log of event, and only requires security details like a username and password.
> You don’t need to keep the main window up, which makes it appear in the tray area and can be brought up if you want to stop or restart the connection.
> There is also a panel to display the password.
> You can save your settings in an encrypted file for easy retrieval.
> You also have the possibility to set up a hotspot without Internet connection.
> After the hotspot has been set up, it can be used from any device which has access to the Internet, assuming that the device was previously connected to the same hotspot.
> My WiFi Hotspot is free software.
> Part of the FOSSuite.
> Updated: September 26, 2017

AOL Instant Messenger is a popular instant messaging program which was launched back in 1997. At that time, AOL was still thought to be the best content provider in the industry. This is why it came with an already large userbase. However, over the years, it lost appeal due to legal issues. After the landmark AOL – Time Warner merger, the program was eventually made dormant and was bought by Microsoft.
It has been over 10 years since the AOL Instant Messenger first came out, and it still works perfectly.
Microsoft has decided to release a refreshed version of the program under a new moniker. And because this is a completely fresh and exciting version, it’s been designed in such a way to look modern, neat, and clean. It would be hard to convince me that this is actually the original program.
One of the greatest features of this new version is that it comes with a load of new features.
By utilizing the very nature of the program, you can rest assured that it won’t mess up with your current setup.
To start up, all you will need to do is to click on the newly brought-up “AOL Instant Messenger” icon.
Just like before, you will be presented with a list of contact numbers. And if you want to add them to the list, just click on “Add Contacts”.
Instant Messenger also lets you add your friends from your address book in just a couple of steps.
In most cases, you would use the Contacts

What’s New in the?

«My WiFi Hotspot is an application that allows you to turn your Windows or Apple computer into a WiFi hotspot. In its other important feature, it allows you to view your saved password for a WiFi network.»

We are still in the early days of the digital age, and although we are capable of sharing files on any device online with the click of a button, it can still be a cumbersome experience, which is why we’d rather not have to contact someone with a phone or laptop in order to share it with them.

However, thanks to the SMB protocol, which allows for this particular feature, you can share any file on your computer without the need for a different device to use it, and one of the programs that allows you to do this would be “XShare”. It’s a handy tool because it allows you to share any file on your computer with a single mouse click.
It is easy to use, as it only requires a few mouse clicks to share files. Once you have selected the file you want to share, you will find an icon in the start bar, which will allow you to share the file simply and comfortably, as all you will have to do is click on the X-Share icon.
Another useful characteristic of this app is that it allows you to edit the connection, which means that you can decide if it will share the files with the name and location of the file, or it will allow you to connect to it in order to open it. As a result, you can have this connection being accessible to anyone through any device, including the original files that were shared.

If you happen to be on a plane or any other transportation system, it may happen that the Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough to allow you to continue your work. You might think that connecting to a hotspot in a free Wi-Fi area is the best solution, but as this can turn out to be frustrating at times, you might want to try a Wi-Fi repeater to ensure your files are intact when you reach your destination.

How Does It Work?
A Wi-Fi repeater uses a special technology that allows it to funnel your device’s Wi-Fi signals, so that they can reach the destination without the problem of poor signal strength.

Some Wi-Fi repeaters work only with one specific device, while others can be used with several phones, notebooks, and tablets. They also have the ability

System Requirements:

Original PC Specifications:
AMD Ryzen 3 1200
Ryzen 7 1700
Intel Core i5 6600K
AMD Radeon RX 550
AMD Radeon RX 560
AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB

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