Microsoft Office LiveMeeting Recording Exporter Crack

If you're in a large company and arranging meetings with other co-workers is just impossible, you probably use software solutions to create virtual conferences in which you can all participate.
However, some apps, such as Microsoft's Live Meeting, are no longer supported, in which case you will need to migrate to a better solution. Microsoft Office LiveMeeting Recording Exporter can help you with the transition.
Portable tool
Installing this application is not necessary since it's a portable application and simply unpacking the archive it comes in and launching the executable grants you full control over its functions.
More so, it won't modify any of your Windows registry entries, nor will it create additional files or folders on your PC without your explicit permission. It can also be executed from removable storage media.
Lets you manage Live Meeting recordings
If you've been a loyal Microsoft Live Meeting user, chances are you have several recordings available in the Live Meeting service, and this tool can help you download them to your computer.
Once you launch it, you must provide it with a username, a password and a Live Meeting conference center. Optionally, you can specify the recording viewer company, the recording viewer email and the name of the viewer. After the parameters have been set, you can start downloading your recordings.
Simplistic interface
Visually-wise, this app is not among the most stunning ones, as it boasts a minimalistic interface and a classical gray theme. However, it gets the job done quickly and efficiently, which makes it easier to overlook its aspect.
Handy Live Meeting recording downloader
All in all, if you're among the ones who have recordings saved in the Microsoft Live Meeting service, you can go ahead and use this tool to retrieve them. It's portable, easy-to-use and has an intuitive interface.









Microsoft Office LiveMeeting Recording Exporter Crack + Download X64 [2022]

Help others save time and money. Bring your Office Live Meeting recordings to your personal downloader to convert and manage these recordings on other devices. User License: FreeInfo) {
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if err!= nil {
return false, err
return len(pduData) > 0, nil

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// does not support phase 0 or phase 1.
func IsSwitchCplxPhase(phase int8) bool {
return phase phaseEnd

// IsTearDown implements the TearDown interface.
func (id *IsolationContext) IsTearDown() bool {
return id.isTearDown

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Microsoft Office LiveMeeting Recording Exporter Full Version

Microsoft Office LiveMeeting Recording Exporter is an amazing software application that can help you manage Microsoft LiveMeeting recordings. With this application you will be able to download Live Meeting recordings in a variety of formats.

It is lightweight, portable and it doesn’t create any registry entries on your computer and it doesn’t need administrator privileges to work. It only needs a Microsoft Live Meeting account, although you may also give it your Microsoft LiveMeeting username and password.

Just download the application, open it and provide it with the username and password that you registered to your Microsoft LiveMeeting account. Wait a few minutes and your Microsoft LiveMeeting recordings will start being downloaded to your PC.

This software application can also be run from removable storage media. So you can also download Live Meeting recordings from USB flash drives and other removable storage devices.

Microsoft Office LiveMeeting Recording Exporter License:

This software is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Meaning you can freely use, copy, distribute and modify this software, as long as you respect these license terms.

Microsoft Office LiveMeeting Recording Exporter System Requirements:

Microsoft LiveMeeting is a software application that has the ability to create virtual conferences for use on personal computers. It comes with a web interface that can be accessed via the Internet or through the Windows Live™ Messenger program.

This is a software application and it is not downloadable. This software is only available for the Microsoft Live Meeting service and it is intended for use on personal computers.

Microsoft Office LiveMeeting Recording Exporter Screenshots:

What’s new:

Version 1.5.0:
– Allows additional viewer email addresses to be included in the list of viewers that can be used to view recordings.
– Can now start to download LiveMeeting recordings from removable storage devices, USB drives or CD/DVDs.
– Fixed an issue where LiveMeeting recordings would not be downloaded when the destination directory was in use by another application or user.
– Fixed an issue where recordings could be downloaded to the same location more than once.
– Fixed an issue where recorder voice notes were cut off after a certain number of minutes.
– Fixed an issue where recording names would be displayed as numbers.
– Fixed an issue where recordings with more than 75 minutes of content would not appear in the download list.
– Fixed an issue where the application would not work as expected if Live

Microsoft Office LiveMeeting Recording Exporter Crack Activation Code Free [Latest]


Convert LRS recordings to MP4, WMV, AVI, etc.

View recordings using any player

Transfer LRS recordings to your smartphone and other devices

Easily find and download recordings


Windows Vista/7/8/10

How to use:

Download and extract the file.

Run the application as administrator.

Input your Live Meeting username and password.

Optional step: You can choose the viewer company, the viewer’s email and the file name to download your recordings with.

Tip: Removing the installation folder is recommended, as it may contain some personal data. Once the downloads are finished, you can find and delete them in the folder where you’ve extracted the application.

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