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Every website you visit has a whole range of data sets regarding its domain, administrators, and more. These details might be of interest to you, whether to get in touch with particular individuals, or keep an eye on your own domain. Regardless of the case, specialized applications like FindName can easily retrieve domain details for you.
Organized interface quickly gets you up and running
With no setup involved in the operation, you can see what the application is all about from the moment download is done. As such, it’s the right portable tool to use on different computers directly from a thumb drive, without affecting stability of the target PC, because registry entries remain intact. Note, however, that .NET Framework is a mandatory requirement.
There’s nothing to make it stand out from the crowd, at least as far as the visual design is concerned. This doesn’t make it less intuitive though, with a well-organized structure managing to display the list of applicable filters, the list of detected items, as well as a details column regarding the selected domain.
Filter and export options
The configuration panel needs to be filled in with initial values for the scan to be valid. However, this can only take up a couple of seconds, if you simply decide to fill up the URL field. Additionally, you can choose particular domain extensions with a simple click, and even add different ones to narrow down results.
Apart from domain extensions, a different filter field makes it possible to search according to specific parameters, such as characters or typical strings. Needless to say that an active Internet connection is required to retrieve results, while the scan operation doesn’t take a lot of time. You can choose to export gathered details under several log file types.
On an ending note
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that FindName is a reliable choice for gathering all necessary info on domains of interest. Setup is easily done, with different filters to include, delivering requested info at the press of a button, with options to save to file.


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FindName Crack [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)

Cracked FindName With Keygen is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.
FindName is a domain-query for your web browser.

FindName For PC

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FindName Crack+

FindName is a handy application designed to help you retrieve domain name and IP addresses. In case you take the latter into account, the tool also provides IP address list for filtering results. The application can detect a domain name even if it’s obscured by an IP address.
Key Features:
– Direct access to selected domains with the use of a pre-defined list of extensions or specific characters
– Detection of the domain name even if it’s obscured by an IP address
– Gathering, filtering and exporting of the detected data under different log file formats
– Statistics information
– Support for network drive access

FindName is a program that makes it possible to gather domain name and IP addresses for any website on the Internet. If you select an IP address, for example, the application will scan the entire IP address list, allowing you to select the related website.

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GetFetch is an application that can help you search and search through the Internet. Supported data types include HTML pages, images, and even audio. A faster search option is available as well.

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What’s New In?

FindName is a free and open-source tool for gathering all necessary domain information about a specific domain. It provides an uncluttered interface, taking care of displaying without leaving you with a mess of configuration settings or irrelevant results. Open-source license.

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System Requirements For FindName:

Supported OS: Windows XP and Windows 7.
Supported Language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian.
DirectX 9
Step 1: Download and Install the video card drivers.
2. Install the video card drivers (DirectX 9) by selecting the appropriate.inf file for your video card. For an AMD Radeon HD 5700 series, it is the file located in the AMD\ATI\Video\Drivers\8.3 folder. For a Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 and above

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