Clear My History Crack For PC (2022)

Your computer keeps track and saves all of your navigation data by default and the same applies for web browsers. Regardless of your intentions or requirements, these can be easily removed to free up a few more resources or to keep matters to yourself. In this regard, Clear My History comes as a lightweight but powerful tool to do exactly what the name suggests.
Could do with new updates
The application comfortably sits in your system tray by default, so don't question its functionality if no main window pops up when you launch it. A configurations menu gives you the possibility to set up a few details or initiate cleaning processes for certain areas of your computer or specific web browsers.
We have to say that the application is a little outdated, although there's a high chance that it blends with tools you use. This is because amongst the target programs you find Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Netscape, but also Google Desktop which is a discontinued project and no sign of Google Chrome, nor a general option to clean your default web browser.
Easily clear Internet history
On the other hand, it does a good job for supported programs. The configuration menu keeps all targets in a side panel, with corresponding options being displayed in the rest of the space. Even beginners quickly get the hang of it, with options letting you clean history, index, temporary files, cookies, as well as stored passwords.
Minimum effort with a built-in scheduler
What the application's name doesn't tell you is that it can also be used to scrub your computer and system files. The process is triggered in the same manner, the only difference being areas that undergo the cleaning process.
Last but not least, you can make it run as soon as you reach the desktop so you can clean everything right from the start. You can combine this with the integrated scheduler to reduce your effort to a minimum.
A few last words
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Clear My History does a pretty good job overall, with no functionality issues and clean interface to get you quickly up and running. It's a shame that it did not receive updates in some time, mostly because trends have moved forward, thus losing a great deal of flexibility.







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Unite All Your History – Clear

Clear My History Description:

ClearMyHistory is a small and simple application that unites your history.
It consists of two views: the main window and a side panel.
The main window lists the history of your programs. There are options for you to delete the history of specific programs and delete your computer and system history.
And the side panel has options for browsing by specific history types.

You can also add programs that you visit frequently to the side panel.

*The performance and usage time of ClearMyHistory will depend on the size of the history of the programs in the list.

ClearMyHistory is available in several languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovenian, Chinese, Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Croatian and Malay.Q:

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I am creating an android application in which there are two fragments FragmentTab1 and FragmentTab2. I am able to get the height of FragmentTab1 based on the data of FragmentTab1 using the following code:
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But it is not working for FragmentTab2. Is there anyway to find height of view into the list?


I got the solution in the following code
LayoutInflater inflater = getLayoutInflater();
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There is also way to do that without inflating.
LayoutInflater inflater = getLayoutInflater();
View view = inflater.inflate(R.layout.fragment_tab1, container, false);
view.measure(MeasureSpec.makeMeasureSpec(view.getMeasuredHeight(), MeasureSpec.AT_MOST), MeasureSpec.makeMeasureSpec(0, MeasureSpec.UNSPECIFIED));
int height = view.

Clear My History Crack For Windows

Got a cluttered computer? Take a look at Clear My History. Windows Vista and Windows XP compatible. Clean your Internet history, Temporary files, Cookies and History of all your web browsers! Manage your data and gain a better understanding of your computer.
– Clean Internet History (Sites you recently visited)
– Clean Browser History (Sites you recently visited within the browser)
– Clean Temporary Files (Large files you open or download)
– Clean Cookies (Cookies you recently downloaded)
– Clean History (To have control over your recent browser history)
– Automatic Scheduler (Executes automatically based on days/days and hours/hours)
– Support for all Windows versions (Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista)
– Free

ClearMyHistory Description:
ClearMyHistory is an application that promises to clean your Internet cache. The program is very easy to use, and you will be up and running in just a few clicks. It gives you a list of all the Web sites you have visited recently, and you can delete them. You can even choose the size of the date of last visit. The program is capable of deleting history of downloaded programs and cookies.

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Clear My History Activation Key [Updated-2022]

This tool provides easy access to all available browser’s history as well as Internet Explorer’s cache.
This tool can view the browser history of all major web browsers and Internet Explorer, and can delete all past browsing activity. It is possible to specify the number of days that one wants to save the history of the browser.
The user can delete the files created by the browser as well as the cookie, temporary Internet files and passwords.
The user can also select their default web browser, search engine and search provider when clicking on «Clear History,» «Clear All Search Data», «Clear All Cookies» and «Clear All Passwords» icons respectively.
The user can set the scheduler for the tool to run automatically or in a schedule.

Version history

user: Julian K. added new interface July 2018 (11th July 2018)

– Added scanning functionality

– Added support for Internet Explorer 11

– Added Web browser and cookies as targets

– Added configuration options

– Added a clean icon July 2018 (07th July 2018)

– Added support for Internet Explorer 10

– Added support for Mozilla Firefox

– Added support for Google Chrome

– Added support for Internet Explorer 11

– Added support for cookies, search, and browsing history

– Added a clean icon July 2018 (02nd July 2018)

– Added scheduled cleaning functionality

– Added the option to set a duration to the scheduled cleaning process

– Added support for Internet Explorer 11

– Added support for internet explorer cookies

– Added support for search

– Added support for browser history

– Added support for cookies

– Added support for internet explorer cookies

– Added new interface

– Added support for Mozilla Firefox

– Added search in the config menu

– Added support for programs in the configuration menu

– Added the option to set a duration to the scheduled cleaning process

– Added support for internet explorer cookies

– Added support for the’reset log’ option

– Added an icon

– Fixed the issue related to browser names and targets being case sensitive

– Fixed the issue related to the way the user name is saved in case of an error

– Fixed the issue related to the browser window not closing after choosing to clean

What’s New in the Clear My History?

Clear My History is an advanced browser cleaning tool for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape. It allows you to quickly remove/clean history, cookies, passwords, search history and most other personal data that is stored in your browsers.
The removal tool is completely free and reliable. It was designed for Windows XP and Vista systems.
• Clear History
• Remove Cookies
• Remove Saved Passwords
• Remove Search History
• Remove Temporary Internet Files
• Scrub Hosts File
• Remove Unwanted Downloads and Files
• Remove Toolbars
• Remove JScript/JavaScript
• Remove AutoComplete
• Clean Startup Process
• Remove Internet Explorer Favorites
• Remove ``
• Clean ``
• Clean Downloader
• Clean Search
• Clean History
• Clean Explorer
• Clean Mozilla Firefox
• Clean Netscape
• Clean Temporary Internet Files
•… and more!
Additional Tips:
• You can scan files, folders and partitions
• You can schedule cleaning
• You can disable some auto cleaning
• You can modify `HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchBack» -> RemoveDelay`
System Requirements:
• Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista

The tool you are about to use is an essential part of each computer’s routine and, if necessary, you should try to clean it regularly. It could be a large number of programs that clutter the browser, but it is possible to do that in a fast and efficient way with the help of this review. We will explain in detail what each component that you find there does.
How to Clean Browser History
This option is one of the most powerful tools to maintain the browser’s cleanliness and the standard goes beyond the basics. After this option has been activated, any web history in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Netscape will be overwritten, cleaning any traces of the websites visited in the past. This is done in order to guarantee that only the recent visits are stored, leaving all the useless and old information for the recycling. This works in the same way for the bookmarks, though it only needs to do a search and remove all entries.
There are two options available for this one: regular cleaning and file cleaning. The first one gets rid of unnecessary files and prunes the size of your hard disk by overwriting with z

System Requirements For Clear My History:

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