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Managing dozens of repositories and having to reuse some of them for different products can pose quite a challenge even for the most well-organized and thorough developers out there.
Fortunately, you can take advantage of specialized apps that offer features for versioning control and repository management, for example BitKeeper.
While at first it may appear that BitKeeper is just another distributed source code management tool, you should know that the main selling point of this software solution is the fact that it is specialized in working with large repositories.
Not that difficult to set up and to work with, once you take the time to read a few instructions
The application undergoes a surprise-free, typical installation process, subsequent to which you can start using it via the Command Prompt. Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the app's differentiation and check-in tools that can be easily accessed from the contextual menu, since the utility automatically integrates with your computer's system.
This is probably the perfect time to point out that the development team behind BitKeeper offer an extensive documentation section and very well-thought-out tutorials on their website.
In fact, we recommend that you take the time to undergo the tutorials as they provide valuable information on how to set up a demo repository, pull changes from a parent, look up history, merge changes, push changes back to the parent repository, just to name a few.
Packs advanced tools and features for source code and repository management
Distributed source code management system are all about improving workflow and reducing time that usually would be spent on tasks such as merging repositories and code, which might quite tricky in certain conditions.
Therefore, it should come as no surprise that BitKeeper packs complex under-the-hood auto-merge technologies to ensure that the process is carried out as smoothly and as accurately as possible.
Because dealing with large repositories usually involves a lot of going back and fixing code, BitKeeper offers a wide array of possibilities to rollback changes.
Manage multiple repositories, regardless of their size, with the help of this complex tool
All in all, BitKeeper is a complex and powerful distributed source code management system that offers developers a set of efficient tools for managing repositories, including very large ones.
While it may seem a bit intimidating at first, with a small amount of will and some time spent reading all the instructions, you can start taking advantage of what BitKeeper has to offer in mere minutes.


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BitKeeper is distributed source code management software that allows developers to manage multiple repositories regardless of their size.

BitKeeper is a software development collaboration platform. BitKeeper offers a complete set of features for source code and repository management, including, but not limited to:

Version control features

Version control is the process of recording changes to source code. It helps to ensure that multiple developers and/or teams can work on a project without overwriting each others’ code. In the BitKeeper system, changes are tracked by giving a commit number to each version of the code.

Decentralized database

All of the repositories and files are stored across the network. This means that developers do not have to rely on a central server to hold the code. This also makes it possible for developers to share their own instance of the code while allowing others to access it.

Collaborative development

Work for a team and share the tasks and the work to stay focused.

Flexible access controls

Different levels of access controls such as private, public, or restricted can be given to sections of the code or to particular files.

See all files in a repository

In the BitKeeper system, users can see all of the files included in a repository at once. This allows users to see and work with changes others have made as they prepare their own code.

Filtering files

It is possible to hide, lock, or hide everyone from a file.

Multiple sources

Developers can store their codes in multiple locations, such as their homes, project repositories, and software systems. BitKeeper makes it possible for them to be able to access them from the same system at the same time.


BitKeeper is available in both public and private versions. The private version provides users with security for their repositories, while the public version does not.

BitKeeper Features:

Version control: A source code management system should offer developers the ability to record and save the changes they make to their code. With this capability, it’s possible to safely work on the same code at the same time. While BitKeeper does not have any centralized server that manages the software, it does offer users the ability to share their own instances of the code.

Decentralized databases: There are no single points of failure when it comes to the BitKeeper system. The decentralized database means

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By @fyp.
One of the great things about open source is how easy it can be for new contributors to get involved and make a big difference. This can sometimes mean contributing relatively small changes to an existing project, but at times it can take a lot more to build a useful tool from the ground up.
The folks behind [Github]( want you to make that a reality with the launch of [GitHub for Windows]( The tool is open source and is available to everyone (as well as the GitHub Enterprise version) and can be installed very easily on any Windows machine.
GitHub for Windows is a fork of the [GitHub Windows Client]( that is preconfigured with features specific to the Windows platform and Windows. The app is powered by the GitHub GitHub the cross-platform code manager-centric Git client.
So, why is this new app called «GitHub for Windows»?
That’s a great question and actually it was the name that came up as we listed out all the functionality the tool offered. As it turns out, while using the new app will be a lot like using the official client or the Windows File Explorer, it’s going to end up looking totally different.
The GitHub for Windows project is targeted at Windows users first and foremost, which means that the new app has to do a whole lot of things differently. Most notably it needs to work on WSL and install to the Windows Registry instead of the Program Files folder. We also have to use the standard Windows shell, not the UNIX shell that’s used by the Windows client.
This required us to rethink a lot of the strategies we use to build and deploy releases. Most notable among those were that we now deploy using a dedicated GitHub app that runs within the Windows shell. This app does a great deal of all the things we need in the Windows environment and it needed to be injected directly into the Windows Registry.
This means that when we distribute a new release, it will be deployed directly into the Windows System and not into the Program Files folder. We’ve

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The Real Deal
For beginners, or those who do not have much experience with the web,

What’s New In?

Founded in 1993, BitKeeper is a fast, highly scalable source-code-control (SCM) product designed to eliminate the accidental loss of large amounts of software.
The most distinguishing feature of BitKeeper is its distributed architecture: all computing is conducted on nodes, and these nodes are distributed throughout the globe.
In addition to being distributed, BitKeeper is also highly fault tolerant, which means that a node failure in BitKeeper doesn’t have a significant impact on its operations, due to the redundancy that exists between nodes.
For organizations that desire highly scalable solutions, BitKeeper is the fastest, most accurate, most reliable source-code-control system available.
BitKeeper History:
After a few years of solid development and testing, BitKeeper was officially launched in March of 1995.
Currently, BitKeeper is used by many of the most popular open source projects, and more and more commercial companies and government organizations adopt the distributed source-control system.
Find out why BitKeeper is The Fastest, Most Accurate Source-Code-Control System available.
BitKeeper Features:
Web-based administration:
User Administration: The BitKeeper user interface is easy to use and can be administered and customized using web-based access through a secure web browser.
User administration can be done by installing the BitKeeper Agent, which is a browser-based, third-party application that can run in a web browser at the end user’s site.
The application also provides a command line interface (CLI) program, which enables you to manage BitKeeper in a text-based interface.
BitKeeper API: The BitKeeper API provides high-level access to BitKeeper-based projects, meaning that programmers can simply use the API to do nearly any type of operation on BitKeeper projects.
All operations using the API must be performed on the BitKeeper server.
The BitKeeper API is a 32-bit program that communicates with the server using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).
Code synchronization:
The BitKeeper Server can be configured to use either binary-based synchronization, in which transactions are verified using specialized binary diff algorithms, or text-based synchronization, which is faster and handles more transactions per second.
Code synchronization makes BitKeeper unique: it is the only open source distributed source-control product that offers binary-based, synchronized transactions.
Development tool:
BitKeeper provides

System Requirements For BitKeeper:

Requires latest Windows 10 operating system (Version 1903), DirectX 12 or later, and 2 GB of RAM or higher.
Meets requirements for Minimum Specifications
The following specifications apply to the Minimum specifications of the game:
Meets requirements for DirectX 12
The following DirectX requirements apply to the Minimum specifications of the game:
Requires latest Windows 10 operating system (Version 1903), DirectX 12 or later, and 2 GB of

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