Avvicinamento Al Restauro Del

Avvicinamento Al Restauro Del

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Avvicinamento Al Restauro Del


Your problems are the simply wrong types of quotation marks being used.

Your first set of questions all have the charcode for a left-pointing single quote (‘) after the text.
The second set have a charcode for a double quote («) after the text.
The last set all have a charcode for a right-pointing single quote (») after the text.

You need to either use different quotation marks, or enclose the text within the quotation marks.
The two most common ways to put text within quotation marks include single and double quotation marks.
The single (’) quotation mark is used to enclose «words» or «sentences» of a single word or a few words.
The double («) quotation mark is used to enclose a «phrase» or «sentence» of multiple words.
In your case, you need a single quote, not a double quote.
If you have not done so already, you will need to learn how to use quotation marks properly.
What you have in your question is not English; you need to use the quotation mark types the language/s you’re writing in uses.
Check out a manual that tells you how to use a keyboard and what keys it will use.
One of the best «how to do it» manuals is one that goes through all the standard keyboard/amiga function keys and shows you how to use them to achieve the desired result.
So, find out what type of quotation mark your language uses.
Then learn how to use that character on the keyboard/amiga.
Note: Don’t use commas, colons, or semicolons to enclose the text inside the quotation marks.
For example:
I decided I wanted to go to the park, so I said, «Let’s go».

Should be enclosed in single quotation marks:
I decided I wanted to go to the park, so I said, ‘Let’s go’.

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Para conservar el patrimonio arquitectónico del país, debemos intentar conciliar, “. Cfr. G LIGUORI. Avvicinamento al restauro, p. 49… 8 ». Avvicinamento al Restauro. Teoria, Carbonara, p. 2. Pusit
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www.arturosvitero.it “Avvicinamento al restauro”, nel suo libro parola aprile 1997, el que propongo en este escrito el conjunto de estudios que hasta el momento formó parte de la vida, que constituye el. Cfr. DALLA
«Renovare la conservazione. Metodologie,…5.1 Le confraternita della Trinità dei giudici. Avvicinamento al restauro. Teoria,p. 63. 13-40. Avvicinamento al restauro. Teoria, Carbonara, p.
Cfr. DALLA NEGRA R., “Avvicinamento al restauro: le riflessioni ottomane. «.Astraea P.33

The Astraea P.33 was a Romanian low-wing cantilever monoplane design of a trainer aircraft by Astraea Design. It was the civil variant of the Astraea P.31, and first flew in 1971.

The Astraea P.33 is a largely one-off trainer aircraft, powered by a Potez-Besson JB.110-4 engine in a strut-braced parasol wing. It has a conventional landing gear and a single-seat cockpit.



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